Important Factors You Should Consider

Important Factors You Should Consider When Hiring a Countertop Company

As a customer you must be thinking: I’ll buy my counter tops from a company that offers the lowest price, isn’t it?

Lower price not necessarily means quality countertops

You see, buying countertops is not like buying a fridge. An appliance is created equal every time and you shop for the lowest price in the market for that particular item. You already know what you are buying because the models are already tested from the factory and don’t matter where you buy it, you are getting the same exact model everywhere you shop.
You remember the old adagio “If is too good to be true, it probably is…” Many companies will offer lowest price per square foot as bait, but they will probably overcharge you in other items like cutouts, delivery or other charges that you will notice when the final invoice is given to you.

Sacrificing quality to meet a low price

Trying to offer the lowest price, frequently these companies reduce overhead cost by using granite of inferior quality (lower grade with lots of imperfections) or using left over pieces for big areas where you are suppose to use a long run of granite which produce changes in colors and more seams with less than optimal results. Other way to reduce overhead is hiring people with no experience working for low pay; the lists goes on and on…Just imagine how the final product would look like.

How to avoid all these pitfalls?

  • We let you pick your own slabs, either from the shop or from a yard
  • We don’t subcontract any of the work to other companies
  • We have years of experience in the granite business
  • We meet the highest quality standards for residential and commercial installations
  • We are insured and bonded
  • We like to grow our business with more happy customers!