Don’t leave countertops for last

Posted on April 6, 2012 at 7:22 pm by kathy Comments Off on Don’t leave countertops for last

At early stages of a kitchen design process, all things must be considered, including the counter tops. And I am not talking about just deciding on the color of the granite but also how the granite could affect the size of your final cabinet layout.

A regular sheet of granite is about 10 feet long, although sometimes slabs 11 or even 12 feet long could be found. You have two options: plan your cabinets with the average granite size in mind or choose you slab first en then design based on the size limit your slabs have.

The island is typically where the problem arises more often and if the material is not long enough, the fabricator usually do a seam in the granite in a conspicuous or symmetrical place. This is completely avoidable if a little planning is made ahead of time.

It is very important to design the kitchen with all the variables in mind including the countertop to prevent any headaches in the future.


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