How we support bar tops

Posted on April 5, 2012 at 7:41 pm by kathy Comments Off on How we support bar tops

Bar tops are heavy pieces of granite hanging from a very narrow area. They need to be supported in some way. We use one foot steel bars attached to the wall to support bar tops or breakfast bars. This has the convenience to be hidden from view and also doesn’t obstruct underneath the bar like regular brackets or corbels.

They are screwed down to the knee wall under the granite and they don’t occupy any space underneath the bar top. We install these 3 feet apart from each other. They are sturdy and out of the way…

That is all you need to hold the bar to your wall, optionally you can install wooden corbels for a more decorative accent. All the installations involving bar tops are performed this way, you don’t need to ask for brackets, we got you covered!

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