Kitchen Countertops

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Extracting and Processing Granite

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Granite is the preferred building materials because it is strong, beautiful and timeless. It is suitable to be used indoors and outdoors, because whether won’t damage it. Granite is composed of many minerals. They are interlocked like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, giving the stone its characteristic speckles and its remarkable strength. Granite is produced…

Don’t leave countertops for last

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At early stages of a kitchen design process, all things must be considered, including the counter tops. And I am not talking about just deciding on the color of the granite but also how the granite could affect the size of your final cabinet layout. A regular sheet of granite is about 10 feet long,…

How we support bar tops

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Bar tops are heavy pieces of granite hanging from a very narrow area. They need to be supported in some way. We use one foot steel bars attached to the wall to support bar tops or breakfast bars. This has the convenience to be hidden from view and also doesn’t obstruct underneath the bar like…

Naples Granite Countertops

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Fandos Marble & Granite is a premier fabricator and installer of natural stone counter tops like granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, onyx and travertine. We specialize in custom fabrication for applications like kitchens tops, vanity tops, tub decks, fireplaces, knee wall caps, thresholds, window sills, wet bars, islands and all you can think of in terms…