Granite Countertops

Granite is the product of choice when people think about remodeling or start a new home construction, and for a good reason: kitchens are the centerpiece of any home, and granite countertops will gain all the attention from visitors.
This is very important if you are planning on selling the property, regardless of the price, many potential buyers will not even consider buying a house if you don’t offer them granite countertops.

By opting for natural stone countertops you will not only add personality and beauty to your property but more monetary value and appeal to homebuyers. Customers all around Fort Myers, Bonita, Naples, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte gave us the opportunity to transform their kitchens into luxurious places for an affordable price.
There is always the myth that granite countertops are out of reach for many homeowners, but this is not true. Granite countertops are an investment for life and unlike other products that cost as much or more, granite will not deteriorate overtime like products such as Corian, Formica and cultured marble.
Think smart, if you opt for products based on plastics and resins, eventually, you will have to replace your countertops all over again when they age and deteriorate in a few years. All countertops made with synthetic elements are prone to scratches, melting and discoloration from different factors whereas granite will remain the same over and over.
We encourage you to give us a visit at our shop and browse our granite selection and talk to our experts about your project and you will find that having granite countertops for your kitchen, bathrooms and outdoors is more affordable than ever.