Zodiaq made with pure quartz crystals lets you explore the beauty and freedom of nature and the performance and potential of science. Individual sparking quartz crystals create mesmerizing depth. Science makes the surface long lasting and virtually maintenance free. It’s the on-trend surface that brings elegance to your home and all your designs.

What makes Zodiaq quartz surfaces perfect for any application?

  • Stain Resistant: A nonporous surface resists stains from wine, food coloring, fruit juices, paints and even nail polish.
  • Durable: Zodiaq is made with quartz crystals, extremely hard minerals that resist scratches to minimize short- and long-term maintenance.
  • Clean: When properly cleaned, Zodiaq does not support the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria.
  • Trusted and supported: Zodiaq is backed by a 10-year limited product warranty.
  • Heat resistant: Zodiaq quartz surface is heat resistant, but the use of trivets and heat pads is recommended.
  • Care free: Unlike other materials, you never have to seal, polish or recondition the surface to maintain its luster. Zodiaq quartz is easily cleaned with soap and water and does not require sealants or waxes.

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