Composite sinks guide

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There are three main types of composite sinks available in today’s marketplace. Mixing natural materials with polyresin or acrylic fillers makes the composite. This mixture is poured into a mold and becomes the composite sink you purchase for your home. Composite sinks are available in a variety of styles to fill every need in your home. Because this is a mixture of natural and man-made materials, the color choices available are more than most single material sinks can offer. Custom sink makers can form specialty use sinks to your specifications utilizing composite materials.

Granite composite sinks are made from crushed granite and polyresin filler. The high density of granite in these composite sinks makes them highly resistant to scratches chips and stains. The heat handling capabilities of this composite will allow you to take a hot pan from the stove to the sink without danger of burning or marring the finish of your sink. This is considered to be the best of the composite sink mixtures available. Many manufacturers offer granite composite sinks for your sink needs.

Quartz composite sinks are made from crushed quartz and polyresin filler. This mixture is highly resistant to scratches, stains and chips. Because of the lower density of stone in this mixture this material is not quite as resistant as granite composite but still has a high resistance. The mixture of quartz and filler will accept color dyes more readily than granite will giving a greater option of colors available than granite composite sinks have. So sacrificing a bit of the extra strong toughness of granite and using quartz allows more choices of colors to plan your dcor around.

The third type of composite sinks available are a variety of aggregate composites. They are made from a mixture of natural materials and acrylic fillers. This style of composite material will readily fill more complex molds than the higher stone contents of the previously described composites will. This allows for more specialized sinks than the other composites can make. While not as tough as either quartz or granite, this style of composite is also highly resistant to scratches, chips and stains and unlike the other composites, if damaged can be repaired easily, often by home do it yourselfers. The color choices available with this composite will equal what is available with quartz composite. This makes this style of composite very adaptable to your needs and decor friendly.

Whichever choice you make in choosing one of the composite sinks available today, you will be gaining a sink that will last you a lifetime. Most manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on their composite sinks due to their durability and easy maintenance requirements. With granite, you have the best toughness and heat endurance capabilities. With quartz, you have almost as much toughness and a multitude of color choices. With aggregate, you have a slightly lower toughness, great selection of color choices and the ability to form specialty sinks to your specifications. No matter which of the composite sinks available you choose, you will be getting a sink for your lifetime.

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