The cost of granite countertops

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There are three main components that contribute to the price of granite countertops. Firstly, there is the cost of ready-to-use materials which almost always holds the most weight. Color, patterns, thickness, current fashion, and market demand all play a role in setting the cost. Secondly, there is delivery. Although this is often an afterthought in home projects, in this case it is important. Granite is a very high density stone which makes it a hold up to plenty of abuse in the kitchen. It also makes it very heavy. Since slabs aren’t impervious to cracking, skimping on delivery isn’t recommended. Thirdly, there is installation which is the next expensive portion after materials. It requires special expertise and powerful cutting tools to pull off installation so DIY types need to resist the temptation to get involved in the installation.

Raw granite isn’t worth nearly as much as polished slabs. The price of the stone itself is pumped up by all the effort it takes to extract it from the earth, process it into workable slabs, and transport the granite to suppliers.

“Hidden costs” come from companies that handle everything from supplying you the granite to installing it in your kitchen. On one hand you will save time and be ensured the project is managed correctly, but on the other you’ll be paying a hefty premium for the hand-holding.

Those that want the absolute best price need to consider dealing with a granite dealer and contractor separately. You need to be absolutely certain that you have enough granite to finish the job yet aren’t overshooting either. Before you start looking for the perfect slabs of granite, it is a good idea to talk to an installer first. Have the installer come down to your home and draw up a quote for redoing your countertops with a granite top. Ask for the exact square-footage required so you can order the materials yourself. Naturally, it is a good idea to get a few quotes so you can pick a favorite.

Although cost is a primary concern, don’t let this one factor steer you in the wrong direction with quotes in hand. Make a wise decision by looking at all the possible pros and cons of each company. Consider the reputation of the outfit as well as how enjoyable the staff was to deal with on the way to getting a quote. If the help isn’t courteous from the very beginning you can be sure that their attitude won’t get any better during the project.

Granite countertops are by no means cheap; however this is definitely a case where you get what you pay for. A typical wood countertop with a faux marble or granite veneer may be cheap in the short term but it also has to be replaced more often and is easily damaged. Only diamonds are harder than granite so the surface holds up wonderfully. Granite has the potential to look beautiful for a lifetime as long as you aren’t outlandishly careless.

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