Why choose 3cm granite?

Posted on March 6, 2012 at 8:23 pm by kathy Comments Off on Why choose 3cm granite?

Granite slabs comes in two thicknesses: 3cm or 1 1/4″ and 2cm or 3/4″. Our fabricators only use 3cm granite. It is more convenient in terms of durability, it looks beautiful and it at the end cost less. Let me explain…

The additional strength and rigidity of the thicker stone allows the elimination of plywood sub-decks and increases in unsupported over hangs.

When 2cm is fabricated a strip of stone is glued to the underside of the stone to hide a plywood sub-deck and give the appearance that the stone is thicker than it is. With 3cm the edge is routed out of the thick stone and there is no glued edge; no seam along the front edges of your countertops!

When using 2cm, the process of gluing a strip of granite to the bottom edge adds 4 to 5 steps to the fabrication process. So, what is saved in granite is spent in labor and shop time. When using 3cm more of your money is going into granite and less into labor and shop time. The result is you are getting more granite, less worries and a better warranty for the same money, a better value.

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