Granite countertop edges

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Granite countertop edges can be straight, beveled, or rounded, or for a fancier edge, curved edges can be combined with straight edges in a number of varieties, or a custom edge can be designed. The least expensive edge is a straight, square edge which comes with a very minimal bevel, called a chamfer, along the…

Composite sinks guide

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There are three main types of composite sinks available in today’s marketplace. Mixing natural materials with polyresin or acrylic fillers makes the composite. This mixture is poured into a mold and becomes the composite sink you purchase for your home. Composite sinks are available in a variety of styles to fill every need in your…

What is granite slab?

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Of all the building material terms and names tossed about by builders and designers, “slab” may be one of the more confusing. While “tile” and “countertop” call to mind a direct image, the term “granite slab” may not. A granite slab is what will become many of the surfaces within your home, office or building….

Proadvanced protection program

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Countertops are under daily assault from regular household hazards. A simple red wine spill can permanently stain granite or marble. Treated properly, however, your investment will last a lifetime. That’s why Daltile, the tile and stone experts, partenered with DuPont, the leader in stain-proteccion technology, to create the PROADVANCED Portection Program. The Protection PROADVANCED offers…

Rodding granite…avoid the cracks

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Why is rodding granite so important for your countertops? Here’s why… rodding involves inserting steel rods secured with epoxy or polyester resin in the bottom face of granite along both sides where cutouts (sink holes) are required. In 2000, the Marble Institute of America (MIA) conducted laboratory tests to determine the conditions under which rodding…